The Trip Overview

Westward bound Canada - drive out to BC in our '84 VW Westfalia - camping along the way and showing the kids just how big and diverse Canada is, have a nice long visit with my sister in BC, then drive back to Ontario to visit with family and friends before heading south. Roughly 4 months.
      ***addendum... decided to head back to Ontario via a southernly route.. down the west coast to San       Francisco, then eastward via Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, and Grand Canyon.

Fly down to Costa Rica and enjoy the heat, immerse ourselves in Spanish,  meeting the friendly Costa Ricans, and learn to slow down. Roughly 3 months.

Backpack and see more of Central America - Guatemala and Belize as the main focus - see new cultures, challenge ourselves with backpacking as a family, and introduce the kids to the ancient Maya culture, take some spanish classes, snorkle, experience the Garfuna and Punta Rock on the Coast of Belize, etc, etc. Roughly 3 months
*****Addendum.... added on State of Chiapas in Mexico and also plan to spend 3 weeks in Nicaragua.. total of 5 months before returning to Costa Rica for last final weeks. 

Peru.. the Plan gets pretty vague at this stage.. this is as far as we've gotten.. just Peru. Roughly 2 months.
****** Cancelled*****

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