The Kids' Perspective

I created a page called "tips for travelling with Kids" and we thought that maybe we should add one from the kids' perspective. So here is their advice for kids travelling with parents:
(as of March 6th, 2013.. will keep adding as we go along)

Liam (7 years old):
  • Make sure your parents bring electronics if you like them because you'll get bored easily.
  • It's bad if you have a Mom that wants to take a picture every second.
  • If you go to Caye Caulker, Belize make sure you know how to drive a golf cart because there are no cars. 
  • You'll see a lot of animals in Costa Rica. If you see a Basilik Lizard, try to scare it then it will run across water. 

 Sean (9 years old):
  • Make sure your parents know how to speak Spanish if you go to Costa Rica. 

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