Thursday, 27 June 2013

Putting our life back together piece by piece

The kids were giddy with excitement getting off the plane.  We are home - back in Canada!  The first realization that we really had shifted gears while we were away was when Eric asked if I e-mailed my Dad to remind him about picking us up at the airport.  We were already a few hours into our flight.  Oops - no I didn't!  It didn't even occur to me to do that (details? logistics? what?).  Then getting off the plane - everyone was walking past us like it was a race to see who could get to baggage collection first!  I was a bit irritated - they were wrecking my travel buzz - my easy, relaxed pace!  Then the technology hit us - self check at Immigration and Customs!  Just scan our passports and off we go - so cool - so modern (so fast)!  Liam noticed the contrast and mentioned how "old fashioned" things were back in Central America.  Then we got into my Dad's new car (thankfully he didn't need an email reminder) with all kinds of "bells and whistles" which in the 21st century means voice activation "this" and touch screen "that".  The boys were impressed.

Leaving San Jose, Costa Rica

Boys very excited about the personal tv's!

Sunset over Toronto (Liam took this picture)
Arrival at Toronto Pearson Airport
Then the next morning, (after a lovely sleep in the best bed ever - during the trip our budget level meant we rarely got decent beds or pillows or sheets - so after a year - it was amazing!) the shift continued!  The pace was picking up whether we wanted it to or not (there was no walking at our own pace) - we needed to shift gears to keep up.  We had stuff to get done. The bliss of our year off is quickly getting phased out.  We got our Van out of storage, the kids registered for school next year, picked up a years worth of mail and now we again have all pertinent keys and domestic documents and Canadian money on hand.  As for the boys, they are now fully reacquainted with their DSs.  So a very full day for day 1 of re-entry.  We even managed visits with friends and family (though in a somewhat hurried and rushed way!)

So... here we are on day 2 of re-entry and Eric is going through the banker box of mail (the pile for the recycling is bigger than the "keep" pile - the amount of paper is crazy!) and I'm blogging on my iphone (love having it back!), the boys are in DS bliss and we are delaying any decisions about how busy we'll be today.  I figure going through the mail and getting Liam to his soccer practice tonight should be enough.  I don't want to kill our relaxed, slower pace - our travel buzz - all in the first week (the transmission might seize up!)

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