Saturday, 22 June 2013

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Yesterday I went to an Animal Rescue Centre and I saw a blue-grey Tanager and it crawled on me. And I thought it was very cool - the bird even sang to me. Then we moved on and we went to the monkey area and one of the spider monkeys was swinging on a rope. And one time when he went super high with the rope he accidentally dropped it and I thought that was funny. And I even got to go inside with the monkeys. I got to hold a Howlers Monkey's hand and it felt very smooth. Then we moved on and saw some two-toed sloths and they were babies. Then we moved on and we saw some frog eggs and our guide said when they hatch they'll become tad-poles and then fall into the water. Then we moved on and saw a sleeping red-eyed leaf  frog and an awake red-eyed leaf frog and we could see the red-eyed leaf frog's red eye. And I thought it was amazing and I said when we see a red-eyed leaf frog we can go home and we are going home. And then we moved on to see some birds. We saw a road side hawk and brown winged hawk. Then we moved on to see an owl and it was cool because it was big. Then we moved on to some snakes and there were a rattlesnake and some other snakes. Then we saw some more animals, then we finished up the tour and I got a magnet Toucan and Sean got a magnet red-eyed leaf frog. I thought the tour was quite amazing.


And this is the kind of dart frog I saw today at our hotel.

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