Saturday, 11 May 2013

Three countries in one day

Coming from Canada, it's kinda of impressive to think that one can be in three countries in just one day (by land I mean). For us, it takes us  2 days just to get out of the province of Ontario (if you are heading west).. and any venture by land to go "across country" is a multi-day, lengthy venture. So, to leave El Salvador in the morning.. drive into Honduras, then drive out of Honduras, and arrive in a third country by evening seems pretty incredible! Granted we traversed the shortest section of Honduras, but still! Three countries in one day! Three currencies in one day, but just one language. 

Waiting.. and waiting.. 1 1/2 hrs later...
seriously! This truck was packed and stacked and
that guy was holding on to the back.. and we weren't going slow either!
busy El Salvador.

Crossing into Honduras

Haciendas along the coastal plains

Hacienda workers homes.. basic but tidy
haciendas.. hazy sunset

Entering Nicaragua.. the boys did great!
So, we made it to Leon about 10pm and the boys did amazing.. I'm just so impressed how they handle these long bus rides... they never complained... what troopers!

We are in Nicaragua.. and ready to explore!

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