Sunday, 12 May 2013

Liam's Blog - Beach and pool

Yesterday, I went to a beach and I played in the waves and one time I almost died, but my lucky legs saved me. I almost fell on my head into the sand but my leg stayed put. And we had a lot of fun and one time I went running into the waves then I disappeared and the next moment later you see me coming out on the wave. And one time I ran and jumped into a wave and I flipped right over top of the wave and I thought that was cool.

At our hostel there is a pool table and I like to play it but I find it a little hard to do. But I do think it is very fun. I do it at least once everyday because I really like it. And Sean plays it as well and he mostly gets it in and I find it hard and I don't do very well. Sometimes I get it in fast, like one time I did it like a bullet and sometimes I get very sloppy. But most times I do it with Sean and the balls clears fast.

We are in Nicaragua in the town of Leon.

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