Thursday, 2 May 2013

Leaving Mexico

It feels like we are definitely on our way home.. in that we are now heading south again.. towards Costa Rica, where we catch our plane home. We still have almost two months to go though.. so still lots to see including El Salvador. We hadn't planned on stopping into that country, even though it's right here, but it turns out the long distance bus routes all go through to San Salvadore (capital city of El Salvadore), so we decided to break up the trip a bit.. stop in historic Santa Ana.. maybe check out one of El Salvador's beaches, then continue on to Leon, Nicaragua as our first stop in that country. I'm not sure why it feels like we are "heading home" when there is still so much more travel to do..but somehow it feels like the balance has been tipped. But first we need to get from San Cristobal de las Casas to Antigua, Guatemala which will take about 10 hours by tourist shuttle (door to door service.. what luxury!). We leave this morning and should arrive in Antigua about 6pm. Hope the seats are comfy!

Our internet connection at our apartment seemed to have gotten worse by the day.. so I have tonnes of photos of the city and of our little excursions we did while here, but I couldn't load all that I wanted.... so you might get a splash of San Cristobal while we are somewhere totally different! But here are a few from our last week here.

boat ride at Sumidero Canyon
near Chiapa de Corzo
In Chiapa de Corzo
Horse ride to village near San Cris
farming community on route to Tzotzil village of Chamula
church didn't have pews but people light candles on the floor and kneel on floor to do their prayers..
 one candle for each member of the family.. the church was ablaze.. it was really incredible
Na Bloom Museum..
dedicated to the conservation of the Lacondon (Maya) people and their  environment
Love this picture.. Lacadona person.. taken in the 20's..
now there is only about 400 Lacadon peoples left..
...deforestation and moderinazation..
last stop for ice cream and new books from the bookstore

Bye San Cristobal de las Casas!


  1. Your energy levels are amazing. Are you going to make it to Peru?


  2. Hi Dave! Always love your positive comments.. gives us energy! Peru has been relegated to "our next trip".. but not on this one. It turns out it's actually cheaper to fly from Toronto than from Central America (I checked all major cities). So.. another time!