Sunday, 12 May 2013

City sights and Beach play

Having a great place to stay makes the experience of the town/country all the better. The staff at the hostel are our front line experience to the people of the country. You can get a vibe from walking along the streets and seeing what people are doing and the restaurant service, grocery stores, bus rides.. all the places we visit.. you pick up the flavour of the place. With our limited spanish we are definitely missing a lot but still you absorb and pick up the feel of the place. When Eric and I travelled through Nicaragua almost 20 years ago, we really liked the country because of the people. And though there might still be a halo affect, there is still something about the people that makes being in Nicaragua feel real, feel authentic. So, our first nights in Leon, at this great hostel, with great people working in it and great travellers to chat with has just re-confirmed our impressions of Nicaragua. Granted we've only been here for a few days, but we like Nicaragua!

Tortuga Booluda.. awesome hostel!
the kids are learning so much on this trip!

star fruit tree right in the inner courtyard.

taking the local bus to the beach - La Penitas

images out the window

Las Penitas beach.. at El Roca Restaurant/Bar

simple pleasures.. thatch, sand floor, kids playing in the waves

heading back to Leon .. a great day at the beach
This morning we are off to Granada and we'll spend a bit more time there and hopefully access some of the volcanoes (the ones around Leon all require a strenuous hike.. and there is also volcano boarding that is super popular.. speeding down the slope of a volcano in a sled!! How cool is that!)

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