Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rainy season in the tropics

I have never seen so much rain.. it's really incredible to see it come down so strong, so much and so loud! The rolling thunder and flashes of lightening make the tropical rainy season just awesome! It's so exciting and scary at the same time. We've been in Samara for over a week, just catching up on homeschooling and taking in the beach and the relaxed pace in this little town, but the real show stopper is the weather.. the huge grey clouds, then the sprinkle of rain and then the "dump" that makes one wonder where does all this water come from? And then after it keeps coming and coming, wonder where is it all going? All the plants and leaves are slickened with wet so during the day the greenery is shiny and deep green.. during the night it's just eery with it's darkness and wildness. There are levels of intensity to the rain too.. you think it's really pouring and then it steps it up and it gets even louder, more intense, then it softens up.. but it's just a tease, then the heavy stuff comes again.

We arrived in Samara Beach (where we started back in November!) over a week ago and loved the return.. the sense of familiarity and the ease of the travel (having an awesome spot to stay makes it all so easy too) and the realization that we have come full circle in our travels. The return to the beginning. We settled into homeschooling - but not so easily.. some resistance from the kids which led to frustrations from the parents which led to tempers, which led to a lot of afternoon drinking for the parents!  But eventually, we eased in and after and between homeschooling there were strolls to our favourite restaurants, and beach time or dips in the pool, hanging out at the hotel.. all very easy and relaxed.. it's been great. The rain hasn't interrupted our plans so far since we haven't had too much we wanted to get done or do.. a few false attempts at the beach, where we arrived just in time for the rain to start, but it's actually okay.. you just get wet (as it's not cold) and you continue on. There have been windows of sunshine and blue skies which was nice but mostly we are seeing Samara in hues of grey.. light greys, deep greys, purple greys.. it's actually very pretty. You'll see in some of the photos, it's like  the black and white function was switched on the camera.  While hanging out at our hotel, we've also seen a lot of critters.. the boys find them and it creates a lot of excitement.. so pictures are taken.. and the attention to the small things, the immediate things come back into focus. Kids are great for that!

La Vela Latina Beach Bar.. our fav.

 Gecko catching a huge moth

it's kinda cute
Sean is so good with little kids
pretty bug

catching up on cbc news with morning coffee

Blue crowned Mot-Mot

Major pour.. but found shelter okay.
Tomorrow we are picking up our car rental and heading out for a week or two to explore some nooks and crannies of Costa Rica that we haven't seen yet. Not sure how far we'll get with this weather.. but we'll see! This is a sample of what the weather forecast looks like in the rainy season..(click here)

Friday, 24 May 2013

Sean's Blog - Adventures 20

A few days ago we were at Uncle Bob's and we gave him a nickname, which is Bob the Busy Builder or Bob the Builder and Uncle Bob lives in Nicaragua near Yankee Beach. And Uncle Bob has three dogs and one cat and the cat likes to lay around. He lives in big resort with a big pool and four spots for you to sleep. And you get a very nice sunset from the balcony and the breakfast is very good and the dinner is good as well. And the bedrooms are nice. The next day we woke up, had breakfast, got into our swimming suits, got the boogie boards out and walked down to the beach with the three dogs, but no cat. It was a nice little walk down and when we reached the beach we had to walk a little bit farther and set up camp and then we went boogie boarding. We had a lot of fun and I got a little rash on my tummy from boogie boarding too much. And the waves were nice for boogie boarding because they are strong but not too strong that you get blown off. Then we stopped boogie boarding and walked back up to the resort and then we went for a swim in the big pool and we swam around and played animals and I was pretending to be a crocodile. When ever I was jumping in, I always tried to do the biggest splash at Mummy. Then we went back to our room and got ready for dinner and then we went up to the main area and played pool. After we played pool, we went and sat down for dinner. I had a hamburger and it was good. After dinner, we went back down to our room, got into our pajamas,  brushed our teeth, got into bed and went to sleep. I hope you enjoyed my blog and we named Uncle Bob "bob the busy builder" because when he building his resort he was always busy.  Now I'm going to show you some pictures...


133 blogs later

One hundred and thirty-three blogs later. It feels hard to make them original or interesting and even though the travel continues and there is a lot of different content I can talk about, it's still the same. I don't want to just talk about "then we saw this, then that, then we went here type thing". I don't know how other travel bloggers do it.. keep it fresh, keep it interesting. But then maybe my feeling that my blogs are not fresh are more of a representation of how the travelling is not fresh anymore. We have been travelling for 323 days.. nearly 11 months and I think we are all ready to be home (well, maybe not Eric). We know we have precious little time left in our travels, to explore and keep the travel spirit alive, yet, it's hard when our hearts are going more and more to home and as amazing as everything we see and do is, it's become normal. Liam very astutely commented a few weeks ago how funny it is that "the boring things back home are now exciting" for him. And so maybe that's a sign when the travelling needs to shift gears again... when back home is where the adventure awaits. 

So, on the eve of our departure from Nicaragua, after visiting colonial cities, amazing beaches, active volcanos, cloud forests, crater lakes, visiting with my uncle and seeing his incredible place and enjoying his generous hospitality... I'm feeling a bit reluctant about our departure. I want to WANT to  explore and see more of the country but our travel energies are nearly tapped and the thought of coordinating another bus ride or sourcing out more hotels/hostels, or finding a place to eat just feels a bit exhausting. Even the border crossing which usually comes with that thrill of getting your passport stamped (proof of a vagabond-like life), is feeling a bit more like a chore at the moment. So, we move on to Costa Rica with eagerness, not so much to explore, but because it represents one step closer to home.

 But my camera hasn't stopped yet... there was still lots to capture and keep hold of... here are pictures from our visit to the colonial town of Granada, visits to Mambacho Volcano (has cloud forest at the top), Masaya Volcano (still active.. last eruption was just a year ago!), the pretty Laguna Apoyo (a crater lake) and our fine visit to my Uncle Bob's near San Juan del Sur. Enjoy!