Friday, 19 April 2013

Tropical Chiapas

(originally this blog was part of the Triple Temple Tour.. but I couldn't get all the pictures loaded..and we were rushing out to catch our here it is.. a bit disjointed now..sorry.)


We did do one more tour while in Palenque which included two stops, one to a very pretty waterfall (Misol-Ha) and another to the beautiful Agua Azul River. This whole area of Chiapas is so lush, tropical, beautiful.. which totally goes against my stereotype of Mexico as hot and arid. Mexico has lush tropics just like Costa Rica!

Agua Azul

Mango Season
water was a bit chilly

But between Mayan ruin exploring and seeing the tropical sites.. we've had quite a few "recovery days" where we have been just hanging out in the mornings (there is a swank cafe attached to the hostel where Eric and I have been indulging in Cappuccinos and Cafe Lattes.. something we would never do back home!), hiding in our air conditioned room in the afternoons (hot and humid all the time!) and then a meal or two out (one amazing shrimp meal.. huge amount of shrimp and just for 90 pesos.. so about $8!). We've had a few encounters with scorpions in our room (it's really freaky when you see one) and one actually got Eric.. a burning sting on his thumb (oh boy did he jump!) which was numb for a bit but he's okay now. We were a bit more wary of picking up our clothes and gave our shoes a good check through before putting them on after that! And some pretty low pressured homeschooling.. just reading and writing .. no math. We didn't plan on staying a week here.. but  I think it took us a whole week to decide where we were heading next, which is  San Cristobal de las Casas.  It's a 5 hour bus ride and we have an apartment set up to rent for 2 weeks.  Ahhh.. it'll feel good to unpack for a bit and have our own kitchen again (the hostel had a communal kitchen which was actually really awesome.. made us realize how good it was to cook for ourselves).

Chill time (but the tranquility usually doesn't last long...)

grocery shopping - street vendors
grocery shopping - supermercado (with A/C!)
VW beetles everywhere.. love it!

walk downtown for a cool treat

now that is a plate of shrimp!  .. and that's after I already ate a few!
the scorpion  was hiding in Eric's pack!
Lots of excitement trying to get him out of our room
on the road again.. 5 hour bus ride .. piece of cake now. 

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