Thursday, 4 April 2013

Tikal here we come

Well, despite the heat induced lethargy, we managed to build some momentum and we are heading to the ruins of Tikal today!  Sean is really excited... every time he sees a poster of Tikal or anything Mayan he keeps asking can we go there?  And for the last several weeks, we've been saying "we're going... in a just few weeks..." so it's finally here and he is (in his quite way) very excited.   He keeps checking in with me on what day it is and what day we are going to see Tikal.  As a primer we downloaded a show called "Breaking the Maya Code"  (recommend it - about how the Mayan Glyphs confounded archeologists for so many years and how they eventually sorted it all out), which the boys really enjoyed. Sean in particular is intrigued by the fairly abstract, mystical stuff (I'm sure the parts about blood letting and sacrifice appeal to his 9 year old imagination too).  The ruins of Tikal were used for a scene in the original Star Wars and that helped tweek Liam's interest, that along with the promise of seeing wild animals.  The ruins are right in the midst of jungle... so it's actually an amazing place for naturalist as well as Mayan enthusiasts.  We decided to splurge and stay for two nights at one of the hotels at the site so we can make the most of our time there.

We really haven't been doing much here in Flores.  We took in the activities around Semana Santa and visited the local zoo but for the most part we have just hung out.  This hostel has a really relaxed vibe. There is a swing, hammocks, an inner - jungle like - garden courtyard complete with critters, good music, great food and drink... and it is just to easy to just spend a few days here with not much to show for it (well, we did some homeschooling in the mornings).  There is a constant stream of travellers coming and going... accents and languages from all over the world... mainly all stopping in at Flores as a base for exploring TIKAL before they move onto their next stop on the Guatemala travellers circuit. Some of the more adventurous ones do a 3 or 6 day jungle treks to other Mayan ruins in the Peten area. (Adventure Tourism is becoming big in Guatemala along with it's cultural/archeological stuff).  Eric and I considered the 3 day trek for a bit, but it would probably be just too strenuous in this tropical heat (high 30's - low 40's)... and as Eric pointed out... lets see how we do walking around the site of Tikal first.

Swing in the middle of the hostel... how fun it that!

These little lizards scurry all over the place...
Liam was able to catch one for a brief  second.

Discovery of a Momma turtle and her young...
very exciting day for the boys... Liam now wants a pet Turtle when we get home.
I think I might have been blogging there or looking up stuff.
10 Q is roughly $1.25!  Crazy prices...
Hostel dog... their other dog died and
this gal been in a depressed state ever since.    Sean and Liam have been trying to perk her up.

More amazing sunsets in Flores... the sun gets very red.

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