Monday, 8 April 2013

Sean's Blog - Adventures 18

We woke up in the morning, packed our backpacks and went and bought some nice tictacs and got on a mini-bus and drove all the way to TIKAL THE MAYAN CENTRE. And when we got there we went and booked our room and it took like 5 hours so we went to the Mayan park and we saw the central plaza, we saw the grave yard and we also saw where all the rich people lived, the two temples and the one big one was called Jaguar Paw. And we explored the whole plaza and it was really neat. Then we went to the biggest one, in the entire Tikal place, and it was sort of as big as New York City.. anyways, something like that. Back to the story, then we went and climbed the biggest, the most dangerous temple of ALL.. called..... temple 4. And when we got to the top it was like an awesome view. It was like going to the Empire State building but stacking that on top of itself 10 times. And when we got to the top we could see all of the Mayan ruins, every single one. It was like one of those games when the gophers comes out of the hole and you have to smack it with a hammer. And all the tiny Mayan ruins were the gophers and Temple 4 was the hammer.. anyways back to the story. When we came down it was getting really dark so we went back, had our dinner and I almost fell asleep in my dinner. Then we went back and got ready for bed and went to sleep. The next day, we woke up, got up really early in the morning and went to the Mayan Ruins. The first thing we did was go see a big Mayan Ruin and I thought was so cool. When we were walking there we could hear the sound of howler monkeys and it sounded like a monster in the distance. And then we saw little orange frog and we also saw some spider monkeys and I thought that was wicked. And then we walked and saw some more Mayan ruins and we did the whole outside and then we went and saw a Mayan ruin called Bat Palace. And we also went to see something called the Lost World and that was my favourite Mayan temple of the whole Tikal Mayan Park. And I'm seriously telling you the truth. And a little announcement.. announcement.. announcement... we are going to be returning to our orange juice blog for all the answers to the questions and names of orange juice in blog 19. So we saw a lot of these Mayan ruins and I thought that was quite interesting. Then we came back and had our lunch and we saw some museums that I thought were really interesting and then we went back to our hotel and got into our bathing suits and then went into the pool and I thought that was refreshing. Now, I think I might give a little bit of pictures and a movie and maybe a slideshow.

Sounds of Tikal Video


  1. Hey Sean ... I really like your stories and I would like to watch your video too but it's set to private in youtube.

  2. Hi - Sorry about that..I was in the tech role for that one.. I"ve changed the settings.. Kerri