Sunday, 7 April 2013

Liam's Blog- NO!

Ummm.. Today I went to Tikal and I saw a lot of spider monkeys and it was cool. Then Sean saw a orange frog with black spots and we also saw an interesting little bug and I thought it was very interesting. Tikal is a Mayan ruin and there are very big temples and they are made out of stone. I climbed one of them  and it had a good view of the whole jungle and ruins. And Mummy got vertigo. And vertigo is a sickness that when you are very high you feel all wonky and you start going around in circles and everything blurs out. And I don't get vertigo. And mommy got a little snack for us up at the top of the biggest temple. It was very tiring to get up to the top but going down was fun. Then we went to a little ruin maze and started wondering around and saw a big ruin that sort of looked like a hotel. Then we played hotel there and I was the hotel manager. It was very fun. We even saw a room that still had the roof on it. Great Jaguar Paw was one of the ruler kings and he made a lot of temples. He was a very popular king.


Montezuma Bird

Temple 1

Spider Monkey

Temple 4 - tallest

Temple 4 view




My hotel

Maya King Skeleton

Howler Monkey

Then we went back to our hotel, still in Tikal park, and had lunch at a restaurant close by. It was nice because it had hammocks and we even got to lounge on them. So there were so many of them that we each got one for lounging and there were still leftovers.  And my favourite thing about Tikal was having a big view of a jungle.



Quiz questions:

Sean + Orange =
a) happy b) not happy c) disgust d) amazed

Who got vertigo?
a) Liam b) Mummy c) Daddy

What did Sean spot?
a) frog b) parrot c) tarantula d) bat

What king was popular?
a) Great Jaguar Paw b) Double Bird c) Curled Head d) Dark Sun

What does vertigo do?
a) makes you happy b) makes you all wonky c) kills you

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