Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Leaving Guatemala

I have such a sense of reluctance thinking about leaving Guatemala.  I keep wondering if maybe we shouldn't be heading off so quickly... maybe linger longer... maybe there is still something here we should be doing.  But I think it's just a reluctance to end this part of the trip which has been so amazing.  I really love our time in Guatemala... it's such an easy place to travel, the people work so hard and are so friendly and helpful.  I love hearing all the bird twitter/chatter in the early mornings, seeing mango trees outside the door, little lizards scampering about... and all the outdoor living... love it!  But I might be confusing my reluctance to leave Guatemala with the reluctance to leave our Big Trip -  it is coming to an end.  We still have several weeks of travel ahead of us but somehow I've been feeling nostalgic.  I'm going to miss the flip-flops, shorts and t-shirt type living, miss seeing hammocks everywhere and the complete relaxation one feels when in them, miss the cold beers under a palapa, miss the other travellers and the sense of time freedom, miss seeing banana trees in people's yards, miss the jungle and green-ness, miss the corn tortillas and watching Sean's face when he gets a huge glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.  I won't keep going... this reminiscing when we're still here probably isn't healthy... but I feel like when we get home... we won't have time to reflect because we'll be so busy settling back into our lives and visiting with family and friends and before we'll know it... the trip will seem like ages ago.  The thing is that even though I'm reluctant to leave... I'm eager to be back home too!  I'm missing home and friends and family and the kids are too, though Liam says we just need to see a Tree Frog and then he's ready to go home. Meanwhile, Eric is feeling the panic of "running out of time", now that we can countdown in weeks instead of months. I think I just need to be able to let go... try not to hold on too tight to these precious times and have faith that more are still ahead of us (I wonder what my boss would say if I asked for another deferred leave of absence!)

But onward... we had an amazing two days at Tikal. I loved being in the jungle with the parrots squawking and the spider monkeys so freely swinging in the canopy, and seeing the roots of the trees snarled the old ruins of the Mayan city.  The early morning mist in the jungle with light filtering through the canopy and the gruff, monster like sounds of the howlers reverberating throughout the jungle and seeing the pinnacles of the temples pop up above the forest....  just magical.  I loved seeing the boys scamper about so excited to explore and Eric was in his element too,  scampering and imagining and pondering about this old civilization.  He was disappointed though that many of the temples have "no subrir" signs on them (no climbing)... so that took a bit of his boyish enthusiasm away... he really wanted to climb those temples again (with my vertigo... the ones we could climb were enough for me).  I didn't do a very good job of editing our pictures.  I think it's this mood I'm in where I want to capture it all and hold on.  I just couldn't leave some of the photos out... so it might be a long slideshow but here are the pictures from Tikal (and if you haven't seen Sean's blog... make sure you check out the video at least... it has the jungle sounds with the Howler monkeys). Enjoy!

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring back home!

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