Wednesday, 10 April 2013

5am bus to Palenque

The heat, the reluctance to leave... the heat... the lethargy... we are still at Los Amigos hostel (as another traveller asked us.. " you've been here awhile.. are you stuck?" ) but we forced ourselves to buy our tickets and tomorrow we are getting on a 5am bus to Palenque, Mexico.  It's an 8 hour ride in total with a remote border crossing, a launcha ride across the Usumacinta River, then a shuttle ride to the town of Palenque.  It should be a bit of an adventure, especially with this heat.  The Peten area of Guatemala is a lowlands jungle and it's hot and sticky!  And the Palenque area in Mexico?  More of the same!  Eric and I have been formulating our plans for the remaining weeks of our trip (we want to be in Costa Rica for the first of June) and then changing them and deciding and then undeciding... and with this heat... we are definitely thinking venturing to the Yucatan may not be a good idea.  Though it seems like being anywhere in Central America  may not a good idea... hot, hot, hot.  So, after Palenque, we now have our sights on the highlands of Chiapas in Mexico (San Cristobal de la Casas) and maybe then back into Guatemala's highlands too... where hopefully we can cool off for a bit!  We'll see, the plans keep changing almost hourly... though with this oppressive heat, fans just spinning more hot air, and sticky sweaty skin... not sure we can think straight right now.

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I jumped in with my clothes on... it was that hot!



P.S. now Eric is thinking we should still go to the Yucatan.....

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