Saturday, 27 April 2013

300 Days of Travel!

We hit 300 days of travel yesterday.. so I thought I'd re-cap some of our stats .. to put our travels in perspective.  Enjoy!

This is how we've been getting around:

'84 VW Westfalia (Canada/US Road Trip): approx. 13,000 km
Car Rental: 37 days
Coach Bus rides: 5... shortest one 5 hours... longest 12 hours.
Chicken bus rides: 12
Collectivos rides: 8
Tourist Shuttle buses: 8
Tuk-tuks (motor rickshaws): 12 
Taxi rides: 10
Boat rides: 16
Ferries: 5
Sail boat: 3 days
Plane rides: 2

This is where we have been travelling:

Canada (Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia), United States (Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma,  Missouri, Indiana, Michigan), Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico (Chiapas).

This is what we've been seeing:

World Heritage Sites (12)
Grasslands National Park - Saskatchewan; Dinosaur Provincial Park - Alberta; Wateron Lakes National Park - Alberta; Canadian Rocky Mountains - Alberta; Olympic National Park - Washington; Redwoods National Park - California; Yosemite National Park - California; Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona; Mesa Verde National Park - Colorado;  Copan Ruins - Honduras; town of Antigua - Guatemala; Laughing Bird Caye (Great Barrier Reef) - Belize (which has been listed as "Endangered" since 2009); Tikal National Park - Guatemala.

Lake Superior Provincial Park - Ontario; Banff National Park - Alberta; Jasper National Park (Icefields) - Alberta; Brohm Lake Provincial Park - BC; Great Sand Dunes National Recreation Area - Oregon;  Dealth Valley National Park - California; Monteverde Cloud Forest- Costa Rica; Manual Antonio National Park - Costa Rica; Corcovado National Park - Costa Rica; Curu Wildlife Refuge - Costa Rica; Caye Caulker Marine Park - Belize; Hol Chan Marine Park - Belize.

Mayan Ruins
Copan - Honduras; Gumarcaj - Guatemala; Xunantunich - Belize; Tikal - Guatemala; Palenque - Mexico; Yaxchilan - Mexico; Bonampak - Mexico.

Animals seen in wild:

Canada: Black bear, Moose, Chipmunks, Bald eagle, Buffalo, 2 Pronged deer, Prairie dogs, Marsh hawks, Scrub jays, Deer pronged horn antelope, Black tailed prairie dogs, Burrowing owls,  Swansons Hawks, White tail deer - Big bucks & doe and her fawns, Ground squirrels, Mountain goats, Jack rabbits, Mule deer, Elk, Pika, Black bear with cubs, Habour seals, Jellyfish, Crabs, Starfish, Blacktail deer.

United States: Flying Squirrel, Brown rabbit, Olympic Marmot, Hawks, herd of Roosevelt Elk & Bull, Black tailed deer with fawns, Ducks, Blue Heron, Coho fry, Sea lions, Star fish, Crabs, Green sea anemones, Sea lions, Harbour seals, Gray whales, Red legged frog, Elk, American Dipper (bird), Road runner (bird), Lizards, Bats, Kangaroo mouse.

Costa Rica: Yellow headed gecko, Lineated woodpecker, Rufous tailed hummingbird, Leaf cutting ants, Two-toed sloth, Mexican hairy porcupine, Side striped palm pitviper, False coral snake, Pitviper (baby), Black guan (bird), Black vultures, Golden owl, Green parrots, Replesentant quetzal, Blue morpho butterfly, Glasswing butterfly, Leaf katydid, Giant walking stick (bug), Red knee tarantula, Quails, Ground anoles (little lizards), Trogan (bird), House geckos, Green iguana, Black ctenasaur, Long-nosed bat, Green parakeets, Orange fronted parrots, Scorpions, Coatimundi, Howler monkeys, White throated Magpie-Jay, Great Kaskdee (bird), Hummingbirds, Hermit crabs, Giant grasshopper, Crickets, Tiger heron, Whimbres (birds), Flyng fish, Crested Caracara (bird), White-fronted parrots, Rufous-naped wrens, Pantropical spotted dolphins, Olive ridley turtles (arrabada), Green turtle, Magnificent frigate bird, Brown pelicans, White-throated capuchins monkeys, Agoutis, Red brocket deer, American crocodile, Jesus Christ Lizards, Blue-crowned motmots (birds), Common black hawks, Inca doves, Magnificent owl butterfly, Banded owl butterfly, Spider monkeys, Stingray, "Glow eyes" fish, Hermit crabs, Red crabs, One armed crabs, Cane toads, Julia butterflys, Streaked headed woodcreeper (bird), Sloth with baby, Raccoon, Aracari (toucan), Squirrel monkeys, Crested manibled toucan, Fer-de-lance snake, Crested guan (bird), Black river turtle, Praying mantis, Yellow trogan (bird), Cormorants, Great egret, Laughing falcon.

Honduras: Scarlet Macaws, Agouti, Blue-crested Motmots.

Belize: Kite birds, Frigate birds, Southern sting rays, Nurse sharks, Green turtles, Brown eel, Barracuda, Lion fish, Spotted trunkfish, Parrot fish, Jew fish, Barjacks, Dolphins, Gray angelfish, Red snapper, Squirrelfish, Cowfish, Blueheaded wrasse, Butterfly fish, Yellow sting ray, Porkfish, lobster, needle fish, gray snapper, and many, many more tropical fish and coral... just couldn't find a name for them all.

Guatemala: Howler monkeys, Spider monkeys, Golden frog, Lizards, Turtles, Hummingbirds, Crocodile, Coatimundis, Agoutis, Geckos, Pigeons, Cormorants, Pelicans, Great egrets, Toucan, Green parrots, Crested guan, Montezuma oropendola (bird), Oriel.

.....don't keep track anymore...

This is where we've been sleeping:

Houses/apartments: 5
Hotels/hostels: didn't keep track... maybe 50 or so?
Camping spots: maybe 20 or so?
Family and friends: 8

Towns/Cities visited: approx. 75

Health status:

Injuries/scraps/bruises: approximately 100 - 200 (Sean's estimate)
Illnesses: 1
Medication taken: Anti-malaria pills, Tylenol, Antacids, Imodium, Kids gravol
Mosquito bites: many
Scorpion stings: 1

Number of blogs written: 174... oh wait... plus this one... 175!

Pictures taken: maybe thousands... I think maybe 60GB worth.

Incredible experiences and precious moments:  uncountable

Day 1

Day 300 (early morning .. we look a little tired)



  1. who got bitten by a scorpion??? I must have missed that blog... I guess we can tell how long you've been away by how much longer Kerri's hair is. The boys mest be getting hair cuts along the way!!!!!

    Take Care!

  2. Eric was the lucky one with the scorpion.. in Palenque. Sean got his hair cut in Guatemala.. but Liam says he likes his long .. and I'm going to see how long my lasts... I've never really had really long hair before.