Tuesday, 26 March 2013

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Today we woke up and I was in a mansion but it was sort of not big as a mansion you'd think it would be. Then I realized I was at CAVES BRANCH JUNGLE LODGE! And then I saw Mommy, Daddy and Liam was with me. And Liam was sleeping at the top of the bunkbed and I was sleeping at the bottom. Mommy and Daddy were sleeping in a nice sweet comfy bed. And then a person came and brought us two coffees, two orange juices and 4 coffee cakes and we ate them all and they were so good. And then we walked down to breakfast and it was a feast....and I was just "alkd;aihtiothaoitheajeoiaej ". I was so excited and I was going to pee my pants because it was an absolutely humungous buffet. There was everything you ever wanted here.

After breakfast we decided to go on a tour called the Footprint Cave and we got onto a bus with a lot of tubes, we got there, we put our tubes down in the river, and we got into the tubes and the water hit our bums and made my bum cold. And I was wearing pink bunny slippers and they were cute. And then we started floating down the river and went into a cave and there were bats.

And then we got up out of the water and we took a little trail to another place  that we could get back into the water and my bum even more colder. When I stepped into the cave my brain started thinking of a lot of things "like what if the cave collapses", "what if there are vampires bats here and they come suck our blood", "or if there are any piraƱas in the water or sharks", and I was thinking the last terrifying thing of all, "what if my pink bunny slippers got wet!" And then I saw some glow worms. When they are old enough they turn into flies and then get eaten by the younger ones and I thought that was cool. And then we saw two spiders. One that looked like a tarantula and one that looked like it was from Harry Potter - The Goblet of Fire - the one that Mad Eye Moodie kills. Anyways, back to the story. And the most terrifying thing did happen.. my pink bunny slippers got wet. Wawawawa! And we went up to a campfire spot where the ancient Mayan did their ceremonies and then we told scary stories and here is my scary story " Once upon a time there was a Mayan named Joe and he got killed by Xilbalba" and I thought my story was cool.  And then we took the current back out and I felt relieved because I didn't have to worry about the cave collapsing or anything, but the bad thing that happened about the day today, well, you know what... my bunny slippers. And over all my favourite thing I liked here at the cave was the campfire stories. The End.

Harry Potter spider

Vampire Bats - Not! False Vampire Bats

campfire stories

Mayan Jacuzzi Tub

Our new friends from Victoria
My pink wet bunny slippers!

view from our mansion

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