Sunday, 17 March 2013

Seans blog - Adventures 16 - PG

Today I woke up in the morning on a boat named the Ragga Queen. I saw 3 pirates looking at me. One was named Captain Kevin and one was named Shane and the other was named Shane. They told me to go snorkelling where the sharks were. And one of them got in and told the shark to eat me, so I jumped back onto the boat and sailed to a desert island. And I saw some nice fishes that looked good but I didn't get to eat them and that was the sad part of my journey. WaWaWa.  When we got to the desert island I set up the tent and I was going to look for a new pet and I found one. His name was Spiney and he was a...... deadly, evil, awesome, poisonous stingray. But he was probably just about as big as my head. And then I called for him and he swam away and then when I looked behind me I saw that it was starting to rain so I ran into my tent and fell asleep. And the wind was like a hurricane, like beating at everything in it's path. And when I got up  it was a quarter to 2 so I got back on the trusty Ragga Queen and I said good-bye to Spiney and I sailed away to the next island. Half way through I picked up some sailors that had been stuck on an island because their ship ran out of fuel, so I let them come on the trusty Ragga Queen and I said "Hop on Maties". And then half way through we stopped at a fishing spot and I got my nice sparkely shiney fishing rod and went fishing. I caught one nice big one and he almost ate my hook and I took the hook out of him and blood was spilling everywhere. And then I said well we better start cleaning it now than later. So we cleaned it and gutted it and I thought it would go really nice with a titch of salt. And then we stopped at another island that was inhabited by people and I got a room at a hotel and we had the fish for dinner and it was really good. And then we dropped the people off at where they needed to go.  And then Shane and Captain Kevin started yelling for freedom because I locked them down in the cellar where all the food is. They yelled "let us out", so I went down and let them out and when they came up, Captain Kevin said "oh no, we are off course". So I gave Captain  Kevin the wheel and he sailed us to where we needed to be which was Placencia. And this was the biggest adventure I had in a long time.....The End. 


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