Monday, 11 March 2013

Sean's Blog - Adventures 15

The last few weeks, while we were in Caye Caulker, we went on a snorkeling trip on a sailboat and took about 5 hours and we went snorkeling with sharks and someone's arm almost got bit off. And Stingrays and we went to a coral garden with lots of colourful fishes and we saw a dangerous looking eel and it came out of it's hole and bonked someone in their head.. named Terry. And we saw a school of fish and they look like they would taste good on a seafood platter, deep fried with french fries. And the last place we went swimming at was another big aquarium like thing but out in the real ocean.. the Caribbean Ocean. Where we saw Jack Sparrow. And I was also wondering if there is any treasure at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea and I figured out there is not because when I looked down there is nothing but fishies. And when we were going to another place on a motorboat and we saw more stingrays and sharks and that time no one's arm almost got chomped off and I thought that was pretty cool. And we saw a giant mean looking Barracuda which is sort of like a Parana. And then we went to another place, we saw some more tropical fish and then we saw a tiny looking, still evil looking Eel. And we also saw a bunch of Parrotfish. Oh and by the way they do not look anything like a Parrot.

  By the way, no one's arm actually got almost bitten off. It was just him swishing his arm by the sharks head and that is what I thought had happened but it actually didn't happen. 

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