Sunday, 31 March 2013

Loving Flores

I don't think we'll be leaving in any hurry.. in fact in just a few days we are settling in very nicely. This hostel makes it so easy to just stay and chill and we keep finding little restaurants that we say "we'll have to come back".  The prices are right, the days hot, the nights are cool, the people are friendly.. we are in no rush to leave!

at the Cool Bean restaurant
We were so excited to just have a place to stay over the Easter long weekend that we didn't even think about actually catching the Semana Santa festivities. We walked out of the hostel on Friday for a late breakfast, and we caught the process carrying Jesus with his cross. Then later that afternoon we saw the resident families getting the street designs ready for the evening procession. Flores is a small town so the religious festivities felt really intimate and really interesting to see. We were busy explaining everything to the kids, a crash course on Christianity.

Yesterday, Saturday we took a launcha to the local zoo across the lake and it was busy with Guatemalan families on holidays and then the city square had government sponsered actitivies including bouncy castles for the kids, bouncers for the older kids and a hip-hop demonstration.

Terraza restaurant..another spot we'll return to

The square (zecalo) where the church is has a great vantage point for watching the sunset and you can grab a beer for very cheap at the local vendor and sit on the park benches and watch the  sun go down. We caught the sunset last night.. again saying "we'll have to come here again!".. there is also a monkey bar and teeter-totter at the little park that has kids wanting to come back again too.



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