Sunday, 24 March 2013

Liam's Blog - Zoo

Today I went to the zoo and I saw a Tapir, Iguana, White tailed Deer, Scarlet Macaw, Mom Jaguar, baby Jaguar, baby Toucan, Toucan, Ocelot, Otter, Jaguarundi, Weasel, Peccaries, Agouti, American Crocodile, Black River Turtles, Albino Coutimundis, Spider Monkey, Harpy Eagle, Cougar, King Vulture and Parrots. The baby toucan was interesting and when I came over to his cage, he hopped to us. I thought it was very cute. His big beak looked very big on him, that was the cute part of it. And I thought it was very, very fascinating to see the Jaguars because they looked like they had good camouflage.

Baby Jaguar
When I saw the Ocelot, it was sleeping and when it heard us coming it gave us a meow and it was cool. When I saw the Tapir, it looked like it was half Rhino and half Horse. It looked weird because it had a big snout, big bum and it was all black. The iguana was really big. The Harpy Eagle reminded me of Hypogryph if you have watched Harry Potter. After we went back and I got a pop, and mommy got a pop, and daddy got a pop and Sean got an orange juice.  I would like to go back to the Zoo again because it was amazing.



Big Iguana


Mom Jaguar



Mom Jaguar


Harpy Eagle

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