Monday, 11 March 2013

Liam's Blog - Fishies

The last few days we went snorkeling and I saw a nurse shark. Maybe I saw more than one. And I saw lots and lots of fishes. We saw " Blue headed Wrasse" and "Great Barracuda", "Southern Stingray", "Grey Snapper", "Nurse Shark", "Bar Jack", "spotted Moray Eel", "Green Moray Eel", Grey Trigger Fish", "Atlantic Green Sea Turtle" and "Loggerhead Sea Turtle" and a "Fairy Basslet" and "parrot fish". I thought all of them were cool. I saw the nurse shark's big teeth, "they were epic". I was nervous about the sting rays. I was afraid they would touch me and then get threatened and then shoot at me. I was so excited to see a Loggerhead sea turtle when we were on our way back because it was one of my favourite animals. The nurse sharks were awesome when I    saw them because when I saw them eat I could see their big teeth...

I learned to ride a bike in Caye Caulker and I learned in one day. It was fun. I fell a couple of times and I got hurt but it was super fun. And the second day I learned to start my bike without Daddy pushing me. Then I had so much fun riding my bike. It was amazing. I still fell a couple of times but that was just because stopping fast, bumps or having sharp turns.

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