Sunday, 17 March 2013

Liam's Blog - Crow

A few days ago we went on a sailing trip for three days and we went into a big storm and a few people almost fell off. But I was inside and we were on a sail boat. And we slept on islands and we went snorkelling on the way and I saw a lobster and it had a ginormous horn - tentacle looking like horn. I thought it was cool, wait not cool, amazing! I saw the lobster under coral and it was pinching at me. When we got back on our sailboat we went on with the trip. And the next snorkeling spot Mommy saw a Pork fish and some parrot fish and a squirrel fish. And I thought that was really cool. I got to go fishing and I only caught a parrot fish so we had to put them back in the water and when we caught one of the parrot fish the hook went through the eyeball. I thought that was grosse. And we saw a dolphin when we were on the boat, going up and down and up and down jumping through the Caribbean Sea. And I saw a yellow stingray and it was beautiful and Mommy saw an Angel Fish. And we slept in a tent on the island and it was fun because it was in the wild like survival and the island was small. As small as an island in the movies and there were 7 1/2 palm trees.

The person didn't actually fall off and we didn't go into a storm.. I just made that up. [-:

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