Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Leaving Belize

After our road trip adventure and stay at Caves Branch.. we hunkered back down in Placencia and did homeschooling and caught up on all the pictures and blogs. Placencia started to really grow on us as we discovered little favourite places to eat, an ice cream place and faces and rhythms of the village started started to feel familiar. One calm morning we saw a dolphin slowing diving in and out of the water.. right across the bay.. so tranquil and beautiful. For a few days we got extreme heat and everyone was stripped down to the bare clothing essentials. Hot sticky heat that makes one cranky... I was so lethargic all I could do was laze in the hammock or sit in front of the fan. It was bad! But luckily a cold front came in and we got some relief (or else I would never have gotten these blogs done!). Right now there is a lovely breeze and there is drumming (Afro-Caribe style) coming from the bar a few doors down, the palms are rustling, the waves are breaking on shore,  and if I poke my head out from under the veranda, there is a full moon. Eric is content in the hammock on the porch, and the boys asleep.

Julia's Cabanas

working on Math
working on reading
Belizeans love their colour!
Yay.. homeschooling is over.. now time for fun!

closer to the Lagoon side of Placencia

Over the last few days we were in a bit of a flux figuring out our next move in our trip. Our 30 day visa is running out and though we could pay to get our visa extended, it's expensive travel here. We decided to head back to Guatemala and see the Mayan ruins of Tikal and then head further into the Peten region to the Mexican border where there are other Mayan ruins that Eric and I would love to visit (one is called Yachilan and sits on a bend of the river and you access it by launcha from the water). After that we're not too sure.. the ideas keep changing. But heading into Guatemala means we'll be travelling the Easter long weekend,  the busiest time of the year for vacationing.. so all hotels are booked up and prices are elevated and here we are trying to travel .. something we had been conscious of avoiding the whole trip!

But luckily we were able to get reservations (after a fierce internet search and many inquires sent) so we'll be in the island town of Flores in Guatemala for the Easter long weekend. The boys keep asking about the easter bunny and chocolate.. quite concerned that they may get left out! Guatemala is the birth place of chocolate.. they'll get lots (Chocolate comes from Cacao beans, which are grown in Central America, and the Mayan used them to make a chocolate drink and used the Cacao beans as currency.. the drink and currency was highly valued.. when the Spanish came.. they thought the chocolate drink was good.. brought it back to Europe where it was all the rage... but added some sugar.. and then someone in the England I think, turned the drink into chocolate bars.. my history of chocolate gets a bit fuzzy there). But anyways, Guatemala should be interesting for Easter - birth place of chocolate and a Catholic country.. I'm sure we'll get our Easter fix somehow (though we'll miss family dearly).

So, tomorrow (Thursday, March 28th) we leave Belize with a long day of travel ahead of us. We catch the 6am bus to Belmopan (3 hours), then transfer to San Ignacio (1 hr), then bus to the border town (maybe 30 minutes?), then taxi across no-mans land and to the immigration office to get our passports stamped, then bus to Flores (3 hours?). I'm not sure what time we'll get in.. but it'll be a long day for sure!

Happy Easter everyone! 
(in case I don't get another blog out before then). 

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