Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Belize Re-cap - part 3

                                                 Part 3... still at Caves Branch

We met Ian's wife and got to share in their new venture... they had just purchased a new piece of property and were getting full possession of it the day we arrived!  One of the days at Caves Branch we ventured with Ian to get a tour of their new property near San Ignacio (about 45 min drive from main highway along good dirt road, bad dirt road, through creeks and over bridges) - his retirement project!  He is still full of ideas and energy!

Eric wanted me to take a picture of the bridge.. the boards did rattle! 
crossing Lower Barton Creek
Barton Creek... on his property...
the river comes from a cave system just 5 minutes upstream
cutest little puppies they inherited with the property

Ian, Sean and Eric

It was such a hot, hot day... the water was so refreshing!

a long day

One of the days we drove to see the Mayan ruins of Xunantunich... it was a hot, hot day (we just sweltered) and it was a funny experience for us because we had to share the experience with several tour groups from the Cruise ships that stop in Belize.  As we explored the summit of one of the principal temples it was suddenly crawling with tourists and got a little to tight for us as everyone squeezed onto the platform!  We all felt a little overwhelmed by the crowds but later in the day we did get to experience the place in a more serene environment when the tour groups all left.  It's a nice little ruin to visit as it's not too big and you get great vistas (can see across the Guatemala boarder)... and we saw a troop of howler monkeys there... including a mom with her baby on her back... so cute.

Hand cranked ferry to get to the Ruins

Mayan Runs of Xunantunich

See us crouched by the wall?
 It was like we were at a ball game or something!
One advantage of having so many people up there...
 there is someone to take your picture.

Another hot, hot day!

Putting him to work on the hand cranked ferry!
We met a lot of really nice people that were staying at Caves Branch (Ian sets up the dining area as family style so you get to meet many people)... including a family from Victoria (there is a theme developing here!).  The kids had a few days of playing with other kids... mostly at the pool  at the end of the day.   Ian's wife, Ella, has put together an amazing Arboretum and they now have the largest collection of orchids in Belize... so it was a treat to stroll through that as well.

It was just an amazing 4 days at a place that we have such fond memories of and now we have even more.  There were a few things that reminded us of our time 18 years ago... the little green shed Eric and I stayed in was still there (which they now use to make their own soap) and the river bank looked the same... same river, same path down to it and of course, the jungle sounds... including the sound of Howlers off in the distance... loved every minute we were there.

The last day we had to say our farewells... headed off to visit the Zoo (and it was sooo sooo hot.. don't think Liam mentioned that part in his blog!)... and then we headed back to Placencia!

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