Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Belize Re-cap - part 1

I've been behind on my blogs.. now it feels a bit overwhelming to try to catch up with everything that has been going on. I'll have to do it in parts.

So, I'll start with where I left off.....leaving Caye Caulker to go on an amazing 3 day sailing/snorkeling journey along the coast of Belize. The boys gave their account and though Sean's may have been difficult to discern which was truth and which was fiction.. I"m sure it all was real in Sean's mind (I really hope he finds something creative to do in his future career). But the trip which was suppose to be idyllic with blue waters, sunshine, picture perfect islands, and great snorkelling  was instead grey skies, cold winds, choppy cold waters and snorkeling that only the brave took on (Eric being one of them), oh, and wind blasted islands.

dark and ominous
Rendez-vous Caye where we camped for the night

But.. we did a lot of sailing, we met some really fun people,  the crew were amazing and the end of day Rum Punch helped to brighten our moods (and we did get some sunshine on the last day). On the last night when we all gathered at the Tipsy Tuna in Placencia and agreed " it was a great trip even if the weather wasn't".

Most of the sailing trip group..
 Torontoins, Brits, Aussie and Gurnsey Isles and two tired boys!

After that we spend a few days in Placencia.. sluffing off at a  place by the beach, trying to get the boys to do a bit of homeschooling, taking in the laid back village of Placencia (about 700 permanent residents) and having a few fun nights with the people we met on the boat (St. Patrick's Day being one of them).
THE sidewalk of Placencia

picture perfect

Best Tropical Fruit Smoothies!
Liam dictating his blog and
Sean might have been doing his exercise sheets or doodling.. not sure.

After homeschooling.. the beach beckons..

St. Patrick's Day celebration at the Barefoot Bar

I was feeling a bit cheated that we didn't get all the snorkelling we had hoped for on the sailing trip.. so one of the days we signed up for a snorkeling trip to Laughing Bird Caye. The caye (tiny island), named after the gulls that make a laughing sound, was the most amazing white sand island with incredible snorkeling right off the shore (and it also had a group of crazy dive bombing Pelicans!) The rich coral reefs (protected) and variety of fish was so amazing...oh and the weather.. calm, blue skies, with torquoise waters so clear that it was like glass at times. It totally satisfied the "snorkeling/beautiful islands/torquoise waters/sunshine" image I had been envisioned for our sailing trip. I have so many pictures of that day that I put in on Picassa:  Enjoy!


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