Friday, 29 March 2013

Back in Guatemala

Well, the travel day wasn't so bad after all. It started with rain in Placencia but all the connections went smooth and travel in Guatemala is so easy, so we were in Flores by 2pm.. enough time to relax, enjoy the Hostel (great inner garden, many hang out spots, big room, great food, lots of travellers.. perfect!), and then walk around the little island of Flores.

Leaving Placencia.. love the brightly coloured buses!
Los Amigo Hostel
A little garden oasis on the inside with the best
freshly squeezed orange juice.. Sean was happy!
Flores is in the middle of the Lago Peten Itza, connected by a causeway. It was the last full Mayan (the Itza Mayan)  strong hold in Central America before it was conquered in 1697.. that's almost 2 hundred years after the initial Spanish conquest. This whole Peten region of Guatemala is full of significant Mayan city-states. More recently discovered, which the archeologists are discovering was bigger than Tikal, is the Mayan city-state of Mirador. But the whole region is covered in Mayan ruins.. so lots to discover. The town of Flores is now a cobbled street, colonial feel place with a lovely perimeter promenade with docks that people swim off, launchas to take you around the lake and with Easter weekend.. it is full and busy with Guatemalans on vacation.. it feels like a festive town!

For now, we are really liking Flores and the hostel so we think we might just stay for a week and then head to Tikal. There is a jungle trek that we might be able to do.. have to look into that. And there is a zip-line that the boys have voted on (and it's only $20!).

Better go get breakfast and start our day.. Happy Friday everyone!

I'm adding a link to another traveller's blog here..we just met him at the hostel and he goes into a lot more detail about his travels than I do. His retirement plan (he is 68 yrs)  is to just keep travelling until he can't..he is working himself south to Antartica! Enjoy!

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