Saturday, 23 February 2013

Travel and the Tropics

We left Lago Atitlan with amazing views of the lake as the bus wound it's way up the hills and out of the bowl.. beautiful still water.. glass like. It was another bumpy ride but this time we didn't have to change buses....just lots of passengers getting on and off along the way. And at major junctions there would be vendors coming onto the bus to sell their fruit or tamales or gaseosos (pop) or whatever (I couldn't quite get what they were selling most of the time because they said it so fast.. like an auction/cattle caller type thing) and then they would get off as the bus rolled out of the stop. We got off in Antigua and it felt great to know our way around and confidently set off to the Yellow House (the place we stayed almost a month ago when we first arrived in Antigua).

waiting for the bus in Panajachel
love the women's huipiles.. the colours are so vibrant.. all hand stitched!
It takes the women about 6 - 7 months to make these

beautiful Lago Atitlan

vendors scrambling on to the chicken buses to sell their wares

Antigua.. we know where we are going for once!

Just one night in Antigua.. we said goodbye (again) to Antigua (went back for gelato at the square) and the next day was a full travel day.. shuttle bus to Guatemala City ( and through it! -  it seemed to take forever!), then onto a coach bus for the 6 hour drive to Rio Dulce.

not knowing where we are going.. but found our hotel Vista Rio
Our full travel day was rewarded by a great  spot on the lake with warm tropical breeze, banana trees, palm trees, humidity and a cold beer! ( the hotel/restaurant is actually on a wide river- Rio Dulce - that connects to  Lago Isabel) Ahhhhh.. the kids are happy too as the hotel/restaurant has a friendly dog and cats and as a bonus.. there is a litter of kittens, just one month old.. so adorable! And there is a playground close by which Liam was anxious to get to.  Eric had to chug his beer back to take them over while I got to enjoy the breeze and my beer (what a great guy!).



Our original plan was to spend 3 nights here.. visit the Castillo (old spanish fort).. have a chill day.. but we are liking the heat, the tropical air and being near the water again.. so we'll see.

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