Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Slow Motion

One of the things I wanted most out of our year long trip was to be able to slow down and just spend time with Eric and the boys.  Back home I would look at the boys and think how they are both growing up so fast and I would feel a bit panicked like I was missing it all.  I just needed it all to slow down.  Anyone that has kids have probably heard "enjoy it now... they grow up so fast!" and I've been tempted to say it to people myself.  And yes, it's true... (though the infant stage feels like forever when you're in it!), time does seem to whizz by.   Before you know it... you have school age kids (and I've been hearing the same sort of surprise from parents with high school age kids or university bound kids... it doesn't matter what stage... it just seems like it all goes by so fast)!  I'd come home from work entering the frenzy of dinner, schoolwork, get the kids ready for bed, then the day is gone.. , then it's the end of the week, then another, another  and before I knew it our kids were growing up and I just needed time, more time, to be with them.   I might have been there in body but my mind was usually consumed with work/career related stuff or house stuff or  just stuff, so frequently I was "sort of there".  So... I'm so grateful for this year... this precious year, to slow down remove the "stuff" of our lives and just soak in ever minute with the boys and have an adventure together as a family.  And though I still surprise myself when I look at Sean and think "when did he get so tall?" or look at Liam's face and think "my little boy is not so little anymore" (and yes, there are times when I wish they would just hurry up and grow up - on things like not having food all over their face after they eat or having to still(!) remind them to flush the toilet! (or is that just a boy thing?))... but it does feel like we have managed some magic and put this year of the kids lives into slow motion, and I'm loving it! I'll raise a toast to all of those that do manage to put their lives in Slow Motion from time to time.

Here are some pictures from a "Ruta Maya" exhibit that we visited in Antigua (the curation was amazing!).  Enjoy!

these are whistles

such a sweet little whistle.. guy blowing on a conch shell.. loved this one!

my silly one

my mischievous one.

Jade mask.. traded throughout the MesoAmericas


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