Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Sean's Blog - Adventures 14

Here are some of the things I liked doing this week:

  • going to the fort by boat because it was like a maze in there and you could get lost and you could hide.
  • hanging out with the kittens because they are so so cute and we try to make traps so they can't get out of the cage.

  • going to the park and playing on the merry-go-round and pretending that we are going back in time to the dinosaurs.

  • going to Pam's to see her farm and seeing Freddy the pig and seeing all the horses and we got to ride horses and I thought that was very very very fun.

  • And I liked waking up in the morning and coming outside to see the boats and the birds and the water and trying to wake up Mommy and Daddy and then we'd go downstairs to have breakfast and I thought it was nice.

  • And I liked going to a waterfall that was a hot spring and I liked hiding under it and when you looked at it from the top it looked like a sea serpent and I also liked jumping off of a rock and swimming over and there was a cave and I went in and it leads out right beside the waterfall and I liked going down the current in the river and I though that was very fun. 

Those are all the funnest things I have done in Rio Dulce and if you come here I hope you do those things too.

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