Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sean's Blog - Adventures 12

Today we got up and hanged out at the house we are staying at and then we left the house and walked to a restaurant called something, something. And then we ate there for breakfast and then we walked to the bus station and we got lost and then we found the bus we were looking for. We got onto the bus and then we drove all the way to some town that is between one volcano and another volcano. And then we stopped at central park and got out and then we went to see the central park area. There was a giant fountain, an old washing place and a church. And then we saw a hose that was running and it was pointing right into the garden and we looked over and saw that it was making a giant flood so then we got leaves and threw them over the side of a low fence into the flood. And pretended they were ships and they were going to sea. And then we walked into a church and people were praying and it sounded like this…"bevemama bevemama bebemaamaa vaaa" and then we went back to central park and instead of throwing leaves into the flood we threw leaves into the fountain and pretended they were ships too. We started walking one way and then we came back and on the way back we spotted a barber shop so we went into the barber shop and asked to get my hair cut. And it was a full on barber shop. It had a razor, a broom, a water skirter, a comb, scissors, shaver and after we went to the barber shop I looked much better. Before we went to the barber shop my hair was all heavy but now it is nice and light. I thought being here was a great time and I loved seeing all the new people and the fountain and walking around and getting my haircut and now I"m getting ready for bed.  

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