Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Rivers and Menagerie

The last few days have been action packed! A few days ago we took the collectivo to Canyon Boqueron where a very mature 12 year boy with his 10 year old friend paddled us up the river for a fantastic view of the canyon (the kids are so entrepreneurial around here). Limestone formations and the sounds of howlers echoing above us in the jungle. Very cool.


Then the very friendly Guatemalans waved down the collectivo for us and we went on down the road to the Finca Parasio where there was an amazing river/watering hole for swimming in but the  main attraction was the hotspring waterfall! It's  this amazing combination of cool fresh swimming hole mixed with a magical hot waterfall. I think Eric and Liam spent the most time just putting their backs under the falls and giving themselves a hot water massage.. it was like being in a really hot shower and not having to worry about draining the hot water tank!  There was a cave like thing behind the waterfall where you could swim under and hang out - the hot water created a steamy room.. it actually was hard to breath at times. We all had a absolute blast! This was all on a Sunday and a day of play for Guatemalans so both the canyon/river and the hot waterfall were busy with families enjoying it as well.. it was great to see and people watch too. Then a very hot wait on the side of the road to catch the collectivo back to Rio Dulce. What a full amazing day.


The next day we were invited to an ex-pat's house, Pam, who has created an amazing menagerie of mostly rescue animals of all kinds. She has a huge heart for animals and takes in horses, cats, paralyzed pigs, foxes, coati, kinkajou, you name it .... and cares for them. All of her animals are so healthy and happy. While we got a personalized tour of her place and met the animals, rode the horses and swam in the river, Pam kept us enthralled with her  stories about how she came about the animals and what her experience has been living in Guatemala for the last 4 years (all with a true Texan accent). We were so amazed at her hospitality.. definitely a Texan with a big heart!

Weasel.. juvenile

look at those paws!.. he'll be big.

Kinkajou.. or locally they call them honey bears

fox, cat and coutimundi all living in harmony

Pam and one of 16 cats!

Freddy.. back two legs are paralyzed.. but he's a happy guy!

Agoutis and rabbits.. 

Braham Bull - young one

such interesting profile..
snout like a dog.. ears like a floppy ear rabbit.. and such soft gentle eyes

gorgeous Bengal cat

This morning we take a boat up the river to Livingston (about 2 hour journey) on the coast, then the tomorrow we'll take a boat across the Bay of Honduras (an inlet of the Caribbean Sea) to Belize. Bye-Bye Guatemala.. but we'll be back in a month or so.

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