Monday, 25 February 2013

Rio Dulce

We had 3 nights planned but now it looks like we'll be here 5.. it's pretty relaxed around here so we'll linger a bit longer. The tropical heat feels great (though the sticky nights are a bit tough.. the slight breeze from the fan is our saviour!). The hotel/restaurant/marina has a ex-pat sailer culture and it's fun having breakfast with the water and boats right there and the sailer talk about. The boys continue to be drawn like magnets to the kittens (they are getting very socialized with the boys handling them all the time!).

The owners of the place are super friendly and have made us feel at home and are one of the reasons why we decided to stay a bit longer. That and they keep telling us of cool things to see or do! We knew about the castillo but there is a canyon that is worth a visit and a hotsprings waterfall that sounds like it shouldn't be missed too. So, first on our list we visited the old Spanish fort, Castillo de San Filipe, which was built to protect their Spanish Galleons moored in Lago Isabel from the Pirates. The owner of the hotel motored us over by "launcha" (boat) and the boys (Eric included) had so much fun exploring the old castle/fort with narrow passageways and stairs and tunnels and look out points with beautiful views over the Lago Isabel. The grounds were really nice too. On the way back we took the local "collectivo" (mini-bus type things) which was an experience as they leave the side panel door open and Sean and Eric were right at the door.. the breeze was nice!

this is a picture of a picture

Then back to the hotel/restaurant for a bit of homeschooling (which actually went really smooth) and then a rum and coke while the afternoon breeze off the water made the whole day just perfect!

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