Sunday, 10 February 2013

Infatuation with Antigua Continues

Yes, still more pictures of Antigua.. can't help it. We have been waiting for a clear sky day to go up to the look out - La Cruz - and we finally made it and got the overall perspective of the town we've been wandering through for the last two weeks. There were amazing views of the valley and Antigua surrounded by the three volcanoes (Agua, Fuego and Acatenango). Afterwards, we wondered to one of our favourite haunts, the Le Merced church and park, where the boys like to follow the pigeons and point out "browny" or "whitey" as their favourites.  Some Guatemalan kids were having fun with them too and it was such a  beautiful sight to see the kids feeding the pigeons and then enjoying their flight. Images that will stick with me forever I think. We are down to our last  days here and are revisiting our favourite spots. Eric and I had to bribe the kids to return to a spot that has great food us but not for them. So, today, they will get dessert while Eric and I enjoy a luncheon with wine out in a beautiful courtyard setting. Can't wait!

sunset from our roof top terrace


  1. Two things! Loved that picture of Eric with the hat on the ground! Second - Who starts a city at the base of a volcano? Were they mad?


    1. I think the rationale was fertile lands around the volcano.. the climate is awesome.. not too hot.. maybe?