Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Colourful Market

The Chichicastenango Sunday Market was crazy.. it was so overwhelming.. packed.. like a carnaval. Stalls upon stall lined the main square and spread  out street after street and if there weren't stalls on the streets, then there were people with their bundles of market goods waiting for the pick up truck or mini-bus to take them back to their town. The mini-vans that brought the tourists were lining the streets too. Colourful, busy, interesting, overwhelming, stimulating, loud.. everything to heighten your senses. My favourite was the vegetable market area.. the colours there were the most amazing and the vegetables all looked so good!. The women's "huipiles", embroidered tops, stalls were also spectacular. We finished the day with a walk to a shrine up on the side of a hill that overlooks the town. It was peaceful up there, with the cool air, pine trees and the distance sounds of the market below, well except for the occasional fire cracker that sounded like a shotgun going off - they reverberate against the hills in the valley to enhance the sound effect! As the owner of our hotel says it can get a bit "loco", but the market was amazing!

corn.. very important to the Mayan peoples

corn drying

offerings to the fertility god

sword fighting with corn stalks

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