Thursday, 28 February 2013

Boat ride to Livingston

It was a beautiful boat ride from Rio Dulce to Livingston. We went along the broad golfito with bird sanctuary islands for the Great Egrets and Comorants, small marinas and lodges along the green edges, then onto small communities amongst the mangrove, then it narrowed to a canyon like feeling with limestone walls and hanging vines. There were flocks of great big brown pelicans soaring along the rivers mixed in with more Comorants.. it felt Jurrasic Park 3 like.. the pelicans look  pre-historic when they fly. We arrived in the coast town of Livingston and trudged through the main street to find a hotel. We found a  eceletic styled hotel with an inner courtyard perfect for hanging out.  It seems like we are reluctant to leave Guatemala as we have decided to stay in Livingston one more day.. we like it has a fun Caribe vibe on the main street. There is a more heterogenous group of people living here.. a bit of Garifuna, Mayan, Ladinos, Creole, and Asian. There is Bob Marley playing from the stores, people practicing drum somewhere in the distance and just an overall more Caribbean feel.. as we are on the Caribbean Coast!  So, today is a homeschooling, get laundry done kind of day and tomorrow we'll leave for Belize.

Here are some pictures from our boat trip and a few glimpses into Livingston. Enjoy!

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