Saturday, 9 February 2013

Antigua - Weekend festivals and Mercados

I'm still loving Antigua.. it's like the Paris of Central America (but Eric thinks that's a bit of a stretch). Strolled down to central park last weekend and there was so much activity.. couples arm in arm, families strolling and getting pony rides, buskers out making the crowds laugh, artists painting the street scene ready to buy, ladies selling their fresh cut fruits and guys with cameras offering to take young couples pictures. It's so much fun watching it all.. so vibrant and alive. The market is also a busy place with product jammed packed into the tiny stalls and so much to look at it overwhelms. But it's so much fun to wander and look at it all. I bought some flowers at the mercado and it was only 9 Q (about 1. 25) for a full bouquet! The prices here are crazy good. We've been going to some pretty nice restaurants and having a delicious meal (with drinks) for about $30 for all four of us. We found a more economical place for breakfast the other day and it came to 140 Q.. so about $18. And there is still cheaper places! We have a favourite spot for banana bread and we get this huge fresh loaf for about $7. And the people.. even though our spanish is atrocious! (we've totally regressed on that front.. the people speak so fast here we are left in the dust with a dumb look on our faces).. but the people.. so, so friendly and warm.. huge smiles, warm eyes and some real kindness shown to us.

Only one week left and I think we'll really miss this place (and I'll miss the "pat pat pat" sound of the ladies making fresh corn tortillas as we walk past a tienda/tortilleria).

The homeschooling has been going steady.. again.. some days it goes really smooth and others it's full of tension. I keep trying to find the factors that work and definitely notice things crumble when either the kids or Eric and I are tired.. it takes a lot of patience and humour to make things go well. I used to think how great this year is going to be for the boys' development, but I'm realizing I think I've grown more as a parent than they have as kids!

Here are pics from the weekend activities around the square and our stroll through the mercado. Enjoy!    More Antigua Pictures

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