Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Whirlwind departure

Well we are off this morning and I haven't had a chance to blog about our beach adventures with our friends from Victoria nor of the our visit with Dad and Sue here at Hacienda Pinella (even nicer than their condo at Las Brisas.. didn't think it was possible). It's going to be quite the contrast.. last night we enjoyed cocktails at sunset at the JW Marriot and tonight we'll be at the  bus hotel in the middle of Managua, Nicaragua (not exactly known for it's city appeal!).

With our friends from Victoria we did a lot of beach adventures (as seems to be the norm with them).. explored Playa Pelada the first day with it's caves and rock formations, then Playa Ostional the second hoping to find turtles but discovered a untouched beach by tourists - a beach used for soccer, walking dogs and enjoying the sunset by the locals and pelicans souring and swooping over the waves. And then the following day we decided to search out a beach that has been called the best beach on the Nicoya Penisula and it is the beach that Mel Gibson has a ranch on.. Playa Barrigona (his place  is for sale if you want to check it out on Christies International real estate!). And after a few false attempts down dirt roads, we found the right one which was too much for our Yaris rental, so we had to shuttle back and forth on our friends Quad to reach the last few hundred meters to the beach. And wow.. it really, really isa  beautiful blue torquoise white sand beach secluded and wonderful!

And from that adventure we rushed back to visit with Dad and Sue in their golf estate resort condo called Hacienda Pinella.. wow.. a different kind of amazing.. hacienda like with it's grandeur and tasteful decorating and large spaces. But the tranquility didn't last for long as we went Zip Lining with Dad the next day. I'm pretty impressed with my Dad.. ziplining at 68 (in just a few days)! Way cool. The kids loved it of course. Liam liked going upside down the best and Sean liked doing the Superman best.

So, this morning, we packed up our bags which seem way to big and bulky and still with extra bags.. can't seem to shed those yet (food bag for our bus ride). We drop off our rental car, get ourselves to the city of Liberia, then wait for the TicaBus in the heat of the day. We arrive in Managua today about 5pm.

Good Bye Costa Rica... Nicaragua here we come!

Playa Ostional

Playa Ostional

Playa Barrigona

Hacienda  Sunset

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