Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Sean's Blog - Adventures 10

Yesterday I woke up in the morning and got into my normal clothes and packed my bag and left the room that were staying at at the hotel. Then we got into the car and drove off to our friends. When we arrived there, we got out and we didn't see their Quad so I made this weird bird noise that I made up and I said "Hello" and Angus came and said hello. And then we took off our shoes and went to go play with them. And then we said lets go and find the beach. So all the kids got into the car and Mommy and Daddy except for the other mom and dad, they went on the quad and we went to try to find the beach and it took us a couple of times to find it. Then we finally found it and we drove through this little blocking area and then there was this big blocking area and then we got out of the car and then the kids got out and then the Mom and Dad that was riding on the Quad came back. And then all the kids got onto the Quad and rode all the way to the Beach. And when we got to the beach there was this little lagoon and there were pieces of driftwood and there were hermit crabs all over the ground. So then we started collecting wood and threw it into the water then we started getting flat pieces of driftwood and pretended they were boats and we put hermit crabs on them and sent them off and there were little fishes in the water and we pretended they were sharks. And we sent the boats out and watched them sail down the lagoon and we kept sending more and more and more until Angus found a giant one and he said it was a ferry and then we put a bunch of hermit crabs on it and then we pushed it off into the water and then Angus said "next stop Crocodile Alley".  And then our Mom's and Dad's said it's time to go and so we walked a little more and found a spot a to put our stuff down and Liam and Angus found a spot with driftwood and there were rocks on the ground and they put the rocks in the drift wood and pretended the driftwood were ships. And then I got my goggles and went swimming and then Bella said "I suggest you wear shoes because there are little sting rays but they don't sting they only whip you with their tails". And then our mom and dad said "time to go" and so we got dried off and jumped onto the quad and drove all the way back to the car and then we got our feet rinsed off and got into the car and then we drove all the way to our hotel and dropped the kids off at the Quad and they went to the ice cream place that was very close to the hotel we were staying at. Then we went back to our hotel and got back into normal clothes and packed up and got everything into the car and then me and Liam got some money and we walked to the ice cream place and then we ordered our ice cream and then we sat outside and had our ice cream. And after we had our ice cream we played a little and then we got into our car and drove ALLL the way back to Samara and then all the way to Hacienda Pinella. And then we drove all the way to G'pa's condo which is in Hacienda Pinella and arrived there and put all of our stuff away and then we started to make dinner and the dinner was super yummy. I devoured up my hamburger and Liam tried papaya and he said he liked it that time. And then we got into our pajamas and before we went to bed we watched a little bit of tv but everything was in Spanish and we didn't understand any of it. Then after we watched our tv show we closed our eyes and went to sleep. The end.

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