Tuesday, 15 January 2013

San Pedro Sula

We had a wonderful visit with Leah, Eric's niece, and it was so good to see her "hood".. see where she works, see where she lives, meets some of her colleagues and friends (even met her boss!), see where she hangs (though the private club with pool and cocktails we missed out on... maybe next time!).  It was so great to visit with her.

International Escuela 

Notice the Subway..
one of the students parents own the subway franchise in Honduras
Her own class room.. pretty good for graduating last spring!

Mall in walking distance to Leah's house

Her street.

Walking to get some Baleadas - favourite Honduran dish

San Pedro Sula has been interesting.. we've been staying at a hotel in the heart of town... right across from central park and the main cathedral!  Doorman, lounge, restaurant, pool, and there are these little shoe polishing things by the elevators and a room with balcony looking over the central park.  It's pretty nice but also a bit on the older side, sort of the grand hotel that was and still has it's appeal and purpose but can't compete with the newer slicker hotels close to the big shopping malls.  It has character I think they would say.

our early morning escape from the "other hotel"..

San Pedro Sula seems to be the fast food franchise capital... there are Burger Kings and McDonalds and Little Ceasars and Subways etc... all over the place!  Oh and Dunkin Donuts. They are not the cheap fast food places like back home, but actually an expensive place to eat and we saw a security guard with shot gun out front of the downtown Wendy's.  Seeing security carrying shotguns is the norm (at least from the downtown view we got) and generally you see security everywhere (they open up the doors for you at stores).  There are taxi's everywhere too, white and generally pretty beat up (the cars I mean!) but with some pretty friendly cab drivers (one was very animated and made sure we knew his name - Rafaelle... and he had two sets of twins, 7 year old boys and 11 year old girls and I think he said he has a twin brother in NYC... not sure if I caught that thread).  The taxis seem to have the market on public transport around here... I don't think I've seen one city bus now that I think of it... just white taxis lining every street and hearing "taxi, taxi, taxi" as we walk by.  There are tonnes of stores in the downtown area and seems like every street or street corner is open for business as it was difficult walking on the sidewalks with all the displays of cell phones or tv remote controls or phone covers.  We treated the boys to Burger King today because it had the play area and there was a guy selling clothes out of a garbage bag in the back of the store... not sure if that is his regular spot or he does the rounds for all the fast food joints... it seemed like it was the staff coming up to have a looksee. The security guard was just watching with interest.  It's a totally different view though were Leah lives - nice tree lined streets, beautiful homes, a/c malls... she's in the nicer area for sure.  But San Pedro Sula has really grown on me. I actually kind of like it as big cities go.

Green Mango (the ripe season is coming soon..can't wait!)

room with a view
The Gran Hotel Sula has been perfect because it has that level of comfort that was so appreciated when Eric got really sick.  Eric caught some sort of weird flu... aches, joint pains came first, then high fever.  When he woke up with severe body ache at first we figured dehydration and we pumped him with water and electrolyte solutions and tylenol.  But then he got this incredible fever and the pains were worse and then he had trouble with his breathing!  I was staying calm and the boys had gone to bed, but while Eric was trying to rest, I was searching the internet to figure out what he had.  I had come to the tentative diagnosis of Dengue fever (a nasty 7-10 day battle) and was coming up with contingency plans in my head, but luckily the fever broke the next day... the aches were still there but less so... plenty of water, electrolytes and Tylenol seemed to work.  Eric is still not a 100% but we think he is over the worst and I guess it wasn't Dengue - phew!

We are ready to hit the road again - we leave this morning. Our next stop is Copan Ruinas a great little colonial town with amazing Mayan Ruins (it was one of our favourite spots when we travelled through these parts nearly 18 years ago).  Leah is going to meet up with us there so we didn't need to say good bye.


  1. That started to get a bit scary...I hope Eric is OK. I thought you were refering to an event in the past. Poor Eric, the centre of the travel Drama. Keep the fluids up at all times! Be careful in the food joints.

  2. Looks amazing!!! Happy 200th day on the road! Hope eric is feeling better. Can't wait to see pictures from Copan, I've heard it's the best of the Mayan ruins!


    1. We totally missed the 200th day.. we had big plans to celebrate.. oh well.. I guess 201 days on the road will have to be our celebration mark. Thanks for the reminder.