Saturday, 12 January 2013


Three days ago we arrived to San Pedro Sula and we got a hotel that wasn't so good. And then we switched to a nicer hotel that had a porch and nicer beds and a coffee machine for the morning and my mom really preferred it more than the old one. I really like this one more and my brother liked the old one because it had a lot of Animal Planet and my brother really likes Animal Planet. And Animal planet is about animals and it's a tv show. And we had to take a 2 day bus ride to get here and it was my lucky days because I got to play on electronics for almost 3 hours. And the game I like to play on the electronics is Minecraft! And Minecraft is where there is creepers and everything is a block. I am really enjoying it at the hotel because it is really nice and it is really better than the old one and the porch has a really good view.

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