Thursday, 17 January 2013

Holding pattern

The bus ride from San Pedro Sula to Copan Ruinas was pretty sweet.. it was like being in an airplane on wheels! We had to check our luggage, go through security, waiting area, then boarding where we had to show our passport and tickets which were thoroughly checked. We got the seats at the back which normally would be the worst seats, but we got to recline the seats way back! We had  "inflight" service with drinks and snacks offered. The only draw back, which is  a pretty big one, was that everyone had the blinds closed so we left San Pedro Sula and arrived in Copan not really seeing much of what was in between.. just like a flight!

Copan is beautiful! Love just walking the cobbled streets and seeing green hills in the distance, bouganvillas overflowing the walls, clay tiled roofs and not much traffic, mostly people seem to walk or there are the little "tuk-tuks" that boot around.

Iguana Azul Hostel..
 Sean loves it when I take pictures!

Parque Central

 Kids doing their travel journal at the hostel

We haven't really done much since arriving on Tuesday because Eric is still sick. I  am back to my first diagnosis of Dengue Fever but a mild case (my diagnosis.. Eric doesn't want to go to a doctor).. a mild case is typical for the first time. Anyways, we've been chilling and we moved from the hostel (just too tight with all of us in a room and no one got much sleep..let alone Eric trying to recover!) to a beautiful townhouse across the street.. we are very happy here.. and Eric got a decent night sleep for the first time in days and he seems to be emerging back to the land of the living. We are having a fantastic run with the homeschooling which has renewed my hopes. The day at the  hostel had me nearly in tears trying to get Liam to do his work.. conversations like.. "for every minute you waste you'll lose a day of Minecraft".. to Liam then saying" I'll hold my breath and die then".. to me counting out a minute.. then he starts crying and saying I'm the worse mother ever.. to me counting out another minute and another minecraft day gone.. to him in near tantrum and saying he can't concentrate now and I'm not helping... and so on and so on .. I'm sure that scene helped the cause of "planned parenthood" in the younger travellers at the hostel! Aghhh!

But things have stabilized now that we are in a place that has room for the boys to be loud and active and also a space for Eric to relax and sleep. I love walking down the cobble streets to the local corner tienda to get some things for the kitchen and just soak up this quaint little colonial town. We are here in Copan for a few more days, Leah is joining us this weekend, and maybe we'll actually get out and see the main tourist sites soon.

view from the upstairs bedrooms

the picture says it all

For now, we are in holding pattern and things are good. 

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  1. That palce looks GREAT

    Get Eric to a doctor - or bring the doctor to him!