Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Guilty in Antigua

Okay.. so I feel incredibility guilty.. bailed on homeschooling today and totally sluffed off .. didn't even feed the kids lunch! I'm blaming it on bad tv. Our great little apartmento comes with TV in both the bedrooms and I think we've all been a little starved for passive entertainment and we've been overloading.. feels like we are in a tv/video over indulgance hangover day or something. Here we are in this beautiful, historic, World Heritage Site town and we're sitting here vegging on American tv shows. Did I say we were content cruising in 1st gear? But today I feel like we've just reversed or something.. or maybe this is what you'd call neutral. Maybe I can work it and say I've been working on my spanish (sub-titles) or maybe I can work it and say this will help me appreciate the authentic culture around us or maybe I can just indulge and not feel guilty.. isn't Lent coming soon or something?

Anyways.. here are a few pics of our happy little apartmento...

It's the one with the fresh paint.. not the fixer-upper next door!

It's like a little Hobbit house

view of Feugo Volcan from the roof top terrace.. it is actually smoking!

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