Monday, 24 December 2012

Sean's Blog -Adventures 9

Yesterday I woke up in the morning, got out of my pajamas, put on my normal clothes, got my glasses on and went to go have my breakfast. Then I played a little and then my Mom and Dad said no, lets go walk down the beach. And I said okay. And then we got into our bathing suits and walked down the beach and we were collecting shells on the way. I found a sand dollar, a full sand dollar, and then when we were walking down half way, Liam dropped it and then he was so upset. And so we looked for it, and looked for it, and looked for it but we couldn't find it. And then when Liam was walking back, the water rolled up and there was a little shell there and it could fit on his finger and it was like a little ring. Then Liam was happy and then we started walking back and when we were walking back, we also collected some more shells. And then when we got back I wanted to go swimming. I had to rinse off my feet, go upstairs and drop off all the shells off, rinse out my bathing suit and come on back down. And then I got my goggles and went swimming in the pool with Liam. Then I got dried off and went back upstairs, took a shower and got into my normal clothes. And I had to go do some of my homework and I started with some of my writing. And then after we did all of our working sheets, I had to do my speller and after I was done that I went to go have lunch and then after lunch we read a little bit of our book, The Lord of the Rings - the Fellowship of the Ring. And then I did my reading and my math and then when I was done I got to play and I played on Minecraft. And then we had dinner and I had jello for dessert. Then after dessert I went to brush my teeth and got into my pajamas. My Mom read us the book Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring and half way I fell asleep.

Everyone that is reading this blog, I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

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