Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sean's Blog - Adventures 6

Yesterday I saw a creepy little spider. It creeped into our room we were staying at. It snuck in while it was raining. It was on my Mom's shoe. I thought it was dead so we opened the door and threw the shoe outside but it was actually alive. And then we got up and went to go have breakfast. I had pancakes and a fruit plate and orange juice. It was yummy. After breakfast we got  into a taxi which is really a truck. I sat in the back on the side of the truck and I thought that was pretty awesome. Then we went and picked up a family that was our friends and then we drove to a beach. We had to get through two river crossings. It was fun. When we arrived at the beach we got out and walked down the beach to another beach and then to another beach. We finally got to the beach to go snorkeling and to go swimming. We found a lot of cool shells and we had a snack. Then I bumped my toe on a log and it hurt a lot. I could not walk because it hurt too much so my Dad had to carry me all the way back. Then we got off the beach and met the taxi at the same place as last time. And then we drove all the way back. We dropped off the family and went back to our hotel and then we looked at my injured foot and my Dad said I just peeled some of the skin off. But I actually had a bruise on it. Then we went to go have dinner. I had a simple casado. A simple casado is a plate with rice, salad, beans and eggs. And I had orange juice. It was yummy. Then we went back to our room. I got into my pajamas and brushed my teeth and then got into my bed and then my Mom read us Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings and then I fell asleep. I hope that little spider does not come back.


  1. Hi Sean, can you tell your brother the answer to his question is YES! That is a very scary spider! Nice wtiting too....that rice and beans dish sounds very good!