Friday, 14 December 2012

Sean's Blog- Adventures 5

Yesterday I went on a big hike to a beach and we had to walk by 10 beaches to get to it. I thought the hike was pretty hard but pretty cool. On the hike we had to walk over a rope bridge, then walk up a steep slope, then we had to walk through this big trail and finally we had to walk past 10 beaches to get to the beach. But it started to rain and then there were angry monkeys that were running off of a lot of sugar. We had to run to a rainforest resort and it was super close and we got soaked but then we decided to stay and have a little drink. The guy that owned the place said "this morning we put out cookies and coffee and the monkeys took all the cookies and ate them". Then we went up to the upper level of the restaurant and we got swarmed by monkeys.  One monkey was doing the hip-hop dance and after that we came down and I heard a monkey going "eiy" and saw a palm tree branch fall with a monkey on it. It was funny. Then we walked back to our hotel and it was sunny again. 


  1. Thanks for all the great comments and photos...I look at them every day. I am just amazed at all the wild life.