Thursday, 13 December 2012

Sean's Blog - Adventures 4

Yesterday we went on a tour. We had to take a boat to get over to the hike in Corcovado National Park. We saw a lot of animals like spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys, toucans, crocodiles and a fer-de-lance snake. The hike was fun because there was a boy going on it with us and he just picked up everything. He picked up a grasshopper. It jumped onto his head and started laying eggs. I thought that was super funny. My favourite animal is a crocodile and I saw it so I was super happy. Liam, my younger brother, likes Toucans and he was super happy when he saw the toucan. And also when he saw the squirrel monkeys and spider monkeys. We are staying at Manolo hotel and I like it here. Right now there is a dragonfly in our room and it is trying to fly out. It sounds like a jack hammer going off in here. I liked the boat ride because it felt like I was flying and I almost got wet. I had to walk through the water to get to the boat. I'm looking forward to see the ancient Mayan language in Guatamala. 

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