Monday, 10 December 2012

Sean's Blog - Adventures 3

Yesterday I saw a sloth with a baby and I thought that it was pretty special to see a sloth with her baby out in the wild. Also I saw a neat little lizard and it was sort of grey-brown colour and I scared him and I didn't even notice him and he was sort of about as big as a skunk cabbage leaf. Right now we are at a Hostel named Wide Mouth Frog and they have a pool. We went swimming in it and Liam went surfing on a buggy board in the pool and I tried to do it and I fell off. It is hot here and I am missing the cold weather at home. I would rather be back home than be here in the hot weather. I also took spanish lessons in the town of Atenas and my favourite colour is green but in Costa Rica how you say green is verde. Here is a video of how to say verde....


If the video didn't work, try to this Sean saying verde

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