Saturday, 15 December 2012

Liam's Blog- Toucans 3

This morning I saw a troop of toucans. I saw it fly and it went up and down and it was amazing. The toucan was in a tree that was 23 feet away. It was in the morning when we were leaving our hotel. Oh on my last blog that was "monkey attack" I couldn't use this video because the internet was too slow so I'm going to put it on Toucans 3. Back to the Toucans. Again it was the Chestnut Mandibled Toucan. Toucans don't seem very rare anymore. Once you see a rare animal you see it again and again and again and again you seem to see it too much and it doesn't seem very rare anymore. Like crocodiles are all boring because all they do is hangout. It would be a little bit better if you could see it in action. Toucans are still my favourite animal and I want a pet one still.


  1. Wow Liam, we are so impressed with your writing. You and your brother are doing a great job! I hope you are holding your Dad`s hand when you see those know how scared he gets! Have a wonderful Christmas and remember that you have the most wonderful gift of all...A family that loves you! God Bless You and always share that love!