Monday, 24 December 2012

Liam's Blog - pool

Yesterday I went to the pool. Two minutes later the kids came. Daddy went on the relaxing floating thingy and Sean and I were trying to stop him from setting out to Sea and then they helped us take Daddy back to land. It was really hard and I was at the back pulling and they were at the front pulling. When daddy went back on the floaty thing we tried to push him off so we could get on the floating thingy and then he took off like an astronaut flying into space. And then we had to swim as fast as we could to grab him and pull him back. And then he said abandon ship  and then we got on the ship or what ever it's called, thing magingy floating machine or whatever it's called. We were playing something that was so fun I didn't see the ball coming and smacking my face. We were pretending the balls were dogs and they were racing. My dog was Doogy. My brother, Sean, his dog - he named it Death Babo. Then he changed his name to Dede. When we got out of the pool it was boo boo time - we had to go to school. After boo boo time my Mom and Dad let Sean go on Minecraft  and I went on the computer. I played a game called Knight vs Knight and then I played a game called War Game 2 and then I played a game called mini buggers. My favourite was War Game 2 because you make guys set out and you have a certain amount of money and you have to upgrade your guys and then go and make sure you don't blow up. I lost because I wasn't doing very well and that is when I started playing mini-buggers.  Meanwhile when everyone was doing this, Daddy was outside on the porch reading his book.


Merry Christmas


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